Hi, I'm Beth parnin!

Beth is the owner of Fun With Fitness. Fun with Fitness is a fitness company that designs and executes exercise classes throughout the city of Cleveland. The format for each class is designed to fit the needs and physical abilities of the clients at that specific location. 

Beth and her associates are very serious about their work but also realize the importance of having fun and enjoying each other. Fun with Fitness specializes in classes for seniors but also has many all age programs.

Beth is involved with many health care associations. Beth volunteers her time at Project Hope, teaching fitness classes to those who live in the inner city. Beth has given many presentations for the Diabetes Association encouraging activity as a key to balancing blood sugar. She has been teaching for over 45 years and has seen the fitness industry grow and develop in many ways. Approaching wellness from a wholistic point of view allows us to encourage clients to take care of their emotional, mental, spiritual well-being as well as their physical self.

Beth is a graduate of Kent State University. Her major was education with a minor in dance. She is certified through ESA, AIFE, and NDEITA.

Beth is the mother of six grown children and eight grandchildren.

Fitness Instructor

Cool Woman



I've been a member of the exercise class for as long as I can remember. Beth gets me out of bed and up and running. Jumping around and socializing with wonderful friends makes my day.
Rena S.
I always feel better after the class but the best part of each class is the socialization and comradery in an atmosphere created by Beth!
Marlene G.
I have been attending and enjoying Beth's classes at Beachwood Center for years! She is an amazing instructor; she keeps us "on our toes" and has a positive attitude that keeps us smiling and moving! Beth's exercise class is important for our physical health and our mental health. We are an "exercise class family".
Micki M.