Helping seniors stay fit, active and joyful

Physical fitness and good health go hand in hand.

If you’re serious about enjoying your senior years, here’s good news for you! You can be part of some genuine “fun with fitness” right in your own neighborhood! Why wait? You alone can make a difference in the quality of your life!

Welcome to
Fun With Fitness!

Hi, I'm Beth

Now is the perfect time for you to come and have fun and make yourself feel better every time you show up. Each Class is filled with laughter, music, fun, and good solid exercise techniques designed especially for maintaining good health and well being. Classes have participants who range in age from 20 – 100! It’s never too late to start your exercise program! Beth Parnin has been in the fitness business for over 40 years! There’s no substitute for experience!

Check out our video to see what we're all about!

Benefits of senior exercise

There are many reasons for seniors to have an active lifestyle that range from preventing physical injuries to improving mental health. Our classes will help you stay fit and improve your health!


Certifications and accreditations

Beth and her associates are both ESA and AIFE certified fitness instructors who cater particularly to the needs of senior adults.

What My Clients Say about our classes

Beth’s class is amazing. It means so much to me. She works us from head to toe and it’s different all the time. She keeps it lots of fun and keeps me feeling good for the day.
Barbara B.
Beth is an amazing instructor and really motivates the entire class. She’s the sweetest “drill sergeant” and pushes everyone to give their best. I’m easily the youngest class member and she gets me to really ‘up my game’ each and every time.
Joel J.
I have been exercising with Beth for 20 years. She is not just a teacher, but a friend to all us in the class. Three cheers for a great and wonderful teacher.
Louise S.